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Sandy Denny - Late November - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sandy Denny - Late November - аккорды и текст, видео

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Late November
Sandy Denny
Sandy Denny

    C            Em        G           F
The wine it was drunk, the ship it was sunk,
    C           G             F            A
The shot it was dead, all the sorrows were drowned.
    C               Em          G              F
The birds they were clouds, the brides and the shrouds
    C          G         F            A
And as we drew south the mist it came down.

    C        Em          G         F
The wooded ravine to the wandering stream,
    C          G          F            A
The serpent he moved, but no-one would say.
    C             Em          G             F
The depths of the waters, the bridge which distraught us
    C             G               F         A
And brought to me thoughts of the ill-fated day.

    C            Em              G            F
The temples were filled with the strangest of creatures
    C            G          F            A
One played it by ear on the banks of the sea.
     C       Em            G                F
That one was found but the others they went under.
       C               G                F         A
Oh the tears which are shed, they won't come from me.

    C          Em           G              F
The methods of madness, the pathos and the sadness,
    C        G        F          A
God help you all, the insane and wise.
    C             Em         G               F
The black and the white, the darkness of the night,
  C        G              F        A
I see only smoke from the chimneys arise.

    C                 Em         G       F
The pilot he flew all across the sky and woke me.
   C    G           F       A
He flew solo on the mercury sea.
    C             Em        G              F
The dream it came back, all about the tall brown people,
    C            G           F          A
The sacred young herd on the phosphorus sand.     

Добавлено: 25.10.2015
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