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Samuel Harfst - Stick With You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Samuel Harfst - Stick With You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Stick With You
Samuel Harfst
stick with you 

capo 5th fret  

   D     Asus4  C/B   G6    G
e '-2-' '-0-'  '-0-' '-0-' '-3-'
B '-3-' '-3-'  '-3-' '-3-' '-3-'
G '-2-' '-2-'  '-0-' '-0-' '-0-'
D '-0-' '-2-'  '-2-' '-0-' '-0-'
A '-0-' '-0-'  '-2-' '-2-' '-2-'
E '-0-' '-0-'  '-0-' '-3-' '-3-'

 intro :  D  Asus4  C/B  G6

verse 1 
Can't promise you I'll be forever 
don't know how long I'll be around
I want to be with you together 
as long as we are 

verse 2  (same chords)

can't promise you I'll reach perfection 
in all my days that lie ahead
but what I can is give you word 
to try at my best

for as long as we are 
please stick with me
I'll stick with you 

for as long as we'll be 
I won't let go

won't let us stray 
I hope that you don't give up on me
for as long as we are
Asus4   C/B  G6

verse 3 

I know the one who holds the future
but don't know what the future holds
let's watch our future become presence
and turn into past 

chorus x3

ending :  Asus4  C/B  G6  (D)

Добавлено: 23.05.2012
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