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Sam Hunt - Cop Car - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sam Hunt - Cop Car - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cop Car
Sam Hunt
These chords are based off of his live version. I don't have tabs for the second guitar
part (which sounds
pretty cool) but these are the chords that Sam plays throughout the song.

Capo 4

C : x32033 (hammer on your index finger on the G string to play like him)
G : 320033 (hammer on your index finger on the A string)
Em: x22033
D:  x00233

C       G
We drove right past
Em     D
That no trespassing sign
C        G
We sat on the tailgate
Em         D
And watched the planes take off

We thought we had all night
There was no need to rush
That's when those cops
Came pulling up
And I thought
Man, ain't this some shhhh

Your daddy's gonna kill me
But if I survive tonight
I wouldn't change one thing
Baby, yeah
I know it sounds crazy

Repeat that progression the whole song as far as I can tell!
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