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The Sam Chase - Hero To Myself - таба, видео

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The Sam Chase - Hero To Myself - таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Awesome song by an awesome artist!

The Sam Chase- Hero to Myself


Here are the chords as I play them, only picking the strings that are numbered (not too sure if it is actually
an Fmaj7 but that seemed the most likely name when looking at it!) The normal F is just the barre chord :)

Am: |-------  G: |-------  Fmaj7: |-------  C: |-------  F: |-------
    |--1----     |--3----         |--1----     |--1----     |--1----
    |--2----     |--0----         |--2----     |--0----     |--2----
    |--2----     |--0----         |--3----     |--2----     |--3----
    |--0----     |--0----         |--3----     |--3----     |-------
    |-------     |--3----         |-------     |-------     |--1----

INTRO(Relative to CAPO): Completely up for interpretation, it's hard to write out something that's so free 
flowing and up to the guitarist how exactly to play it but these are the bare bones and the general gist of it!

   C5            Am                 G               C


   C5             Am                  G               C    


Am        G            Fmaj7       C
I'll give you a little piece of my heart 
        Am                G                Fmaj7               C
You can stomp it, you can burn it, give it all the hell you've got 
    Am             F                 G            C
But please promise me you won't hold on to it too long
             Am               G                C
Becuase this heart of mine is meant for moving on. 

     Am         G             Fmaj7        C
I've never been one to put my dukes up and fight 
           Am          G                  Fmaj7          C
cause I've never met a dog who's bark was worse than his bite 
Am               F
I'm trying to do right 
G                 C
I try with all my might 
    Am     G              C
But nobody knows this but me 
   Fmaj7             G                   C
Oh no one here knows this much more than me


Am           G            Fmaj7        C
People often ask me why I do this to myself 
  Am              G                 Fmaj7        C
I often dodge the question, I say I do it for my health. 
        Am             F           G              C
But the answer is much deeper than I'm willing to delve. 
    Am            G           Am
But nobody delves deeper than me
   F                  G           C
Oh no one here delves deeper than me 

FILL (another run of the verse): Am, G, Fmaj7, C
                                 Am, G, Fmaj7, C
                                 Am, F, G, C
                                 Am, G, C (Held for twice as long

   Am               G                   Fmaj7            C
So take all of your judgements and save them for someone else 
      Am            G              Fmaj7             C
My psychology is no mystery and my worth is not your wealth 
       Am               F             G                    C
I just need a friend to help me and a friend that needs my help 
  Am      G            Am
A hero is all I really need 
  F               G            C
A hero is all I ever wanted to be

Добавлено: 30.10.2015
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