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Ryn Weaver - Sail On - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ryn Weaver - Sail On - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sail On
Ryn Weaver
E   E   E   B

C#m          E               A      B
I took your hand and held it in my clutch
C#m         E             A     B
But it was never mine to hold
C#m           E              A     B
Your love is something of a Midas touch
C#m           E                 A    B
The ones you need you turn to stone

[Chorus x2:]
Well sail on
Sail on, till you're gone
And then some
      B              A  F#m  C#m  E
With all your broken pieces, pieces

C#m             E                  A        B
And now you're spewing out those lonely lies
C#m             E                A     B
You say you've changed it all around
C#m            E                   A         B
But you'll be gone again when the winds blow, oh sailor
C#m       E                       A              B
Another state to claim with your flag upon the ground

[Chorus x2]

A                     B
Shatter the light to let it go
C#m                   B
Whatever time it'll take to break you
A           F#m
Burden out lives
      C#m     E
And sound of sirens

A   B   C#m   B   A   F#m   C#m   E [repeat 3x]
Sail on... sail on... sail on... etc

end on 
Добавлено: 08.12.2015
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