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Ryan Bradford - That Is Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ryan Bradford - That Is Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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That Is Love
Ryan Bradford
Hey everyone, first tab here so forgive me for any mistakes. (; -calvinway

That Is Love by Ryan Bradford (Capo on 1st)

Chords Used:
   D7M      Bm7     Em       G       A      Bm

Verse 1:
La-di-da testing one two,
I'm trying to break the ice but I can't seem to see through

The endless waves of your long brown hair

I've made my list I'm checking it twice
The lack of confidence that's coursing through me 

Is not enough to hold me back

Cause those pale blue eyes, Caught me by surprise

G                                   A
You've got something, that I gotta hold onto

D7M                                    Bm7
So I'm gonna be a little bit stronger, Hold my breath a little bit longer

Em                                   G              A  
Cause when someone is so beautiful I gotta let her know

D7M                                 Bm7   
I'm gonna sing a little bit louder, talk a little bit softer

Em                                    G              A
Cause when you've found something you can't replace that is love

Verse 2: 
So baby baby please
Know that your the one for me
I couldn't describe my life without you
Without you, without you

Take a chance
Let's have a little romance
I've got a little time that I could spare
If you agree

Cause you're all I need
I've had my shopping spree
And you're the one, baby you're the one for me


G                                   A
You're running circles in my mind, and I know I won't be fine
Bm        A         G    A
It's time to make a stand

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