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Ryan Adams - Let Us Down Easy - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ryan Adams - Let Us Down Easy - аккорды и текст, видео

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Let Us Down Easy
Ryan Adams
Album:  Cardinology
Song:   Let Us Down Easy
tabber: John Baer (
tabbed on 12/9/08

Chords: (rhythm guitar played power chord style, with some bluesy licks and inflections.)


Bb, C (lead into) F (X2)

Intro Riff: (palm muted):

    F Bb
G|-------3--------------*---------------|  x3(Third time start singing)

V1: (repeat intro riff)

Bb           F
In all my life, Mercy

Bb              F                              A    Bb
Hasn't known my name this well/ Like how every sea filters out

Bb                                      F
And leads us gently to a creek/ We sit around

Dm                             C              Bb
Some of us are strong/ But the rest of us are weak

Chorus 1:
          F                   Bb
So let us down/ But if you must
Let us down easy… lord

Bb                F  
Let us down easy….lord

Bb            F
Oooo   Let us down


   Bb               F                
In patches of pink clouds, Thick smoke/ 
         Bb             F
It comes rising off the hillside slopes
              A    Bb
Down here in this neighbourhood/ It's just the dumps
With cars iced up, perfect/ for writing 
on if/ You're wearing gloves
Every season I spend alone/ 
C                           Bb
Feels like a thousand to my heart and in my soul

Chorus 2:                                                                    
Bb         F                     Bb
So let me down if you must/ But let us down/ 
F              Bb         F
Easy lord…oh, Let us down easy Lord

Bb           F
Oooo Let us down!


F                              Bb
Let us down/Let us down/Let Us Down (x2)

Interlude: F Bb (x2)

V3: (Chords the same, essentially)

Instead of praying I tell god/ these jokes he must

Be tired of himself so much he must be more/ Than disappointed Christmas

comes we eat alone/ A pretty smile surrounds a pretty girl who

Takes your order she yells/ it and cries alone in/ 

The backroom once in a while until it stops/ Then she smiles

Chorus 3:

So let her down easy if you must/ But let her down easy

Some of us are strong/ But the rest of us are weak

And go it alone/ So let us down easy if you must

But let us down easy, Lord/Let us down easy lord,


F                                     Bb
(Let us down/ Let us down/Let us down, Easy)  (x a ton of times)

End on F

-Thanks! And buy “Cardinology”
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