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Ry Cooder - Going Back To Okinawa - текст песни, видео

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Ry Cooder - Going Back To Okinawa - текст песни, видео

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Авторы: Ry Cooder

(Ry Cooder) 

Goin' back down to Okinawa 

Sorry, baby, but I can't take you 

You better stay at home in California 

There's nothing over there that you can do 

Goin' back down to Okinawa 

Ain't gonna do me like you've done before 

They treat me like a king down in Okinawa 

And I may never come back no more 

It's just an island floating in the sun 

Everybody is having so much fun 

Pretty mamas laying in the sand 

Sure to know how to treat your man 

Okinawian baby, won't you come by me ? 

Sun going down in the China Sea 

Making love on the beach all night 

Okinawa moon is shining so bright 

Folks in Okinawa sure have fun 

They get together when the working day is done 

Drinking cheap wine. and making romance 

While some old man's doing the Okina dance 

Back in the days of World War II 

Fought against the Japanese like me and you 

Everybody's worried ???‚¬??bout World War III 

Okinawa's just the place where I'm gonna be 

Going back to Okinawa 

Sorry, but I can't take you 

Never coming back no more, baby
Добавлено: 24.05.2012
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