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Rusty Cage - Requiem Of The Crazies - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Rusty Cage - Requiem Of The Crazies - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Requiem Of The Crazies
Rusty Cage
Official song is here:

The lyrics are not perfect (any corrections appreciated). Since I couldn't find any on the web or on the
official Rusty Cage website I had to transcribe by ear. 

Standard tuning
Capo 4

[Intro] Am F  E  Am

Am                        F                   E
It's kind of hard being a bum in this town
With the kids run while roaming all around
                F                 E
We go by behind without a sound
And we all got stories to tell
                        F                   E
Put a penny in a cup no matter how small
I'm just a dollar short of catching the Greyhound home
                            F                 E
And God bless you sir won't see me no more
'Cause I'll be drunk behind the Jiffy store

A                                       Dm                     G7
Well I'm gonna get straight if it's the last thing I can do
                          C                     E 
I get my life together if someone would care
A                     Dm                         E
And if I should die before my time is through
Tell all the people who I was

Am F E Am x2

Am                         F                     E
On a bench, a sour stench, clutching my booze
A pair of swiss cheese socks and torn up shoes
                               F                    E
Whiskey breath, dumpster chef, next to Taco Bell
I dropped my aspirations down a wishing well
                               F                  E
Drunken stance, piss my pants, piano-key teeth
All these things will blind you from a man beneath
                                     F               E
I'm not a fool, been to school, I've read Sun Tzu
You see us bums are people too

Am F E Am x2

Am                                F
So I'm back in jail, I can't make bail
I get my three square meals
Oh how I've forgotten how a bed and pillow feels
I'll take a breath, there's nothing left
I'll lift my head, the Bible said
To all those weary, I will give you rest


Am Dm F E x 7
Am Dm E Am
Am F E Am x2

Am                            F                    E
On the streets where I sleep, Bullet is my name
You see I've lost my wife and child in the whiskeyest of blame
                                      F                      E
So I've been preaching gospels to the crazies on the curb
Among these people I'll achieve my fame
                                    F                  E
'Cause I can't get a job, 'cause of dirt on my face
I can't find a wood for our resting place
                   F                   E
I ain't a bad guy, Lord knows I try
And I'm 'prolly right here in the ally where I'll die

[Chorus] x 2

Am Dm F E x 2, second time hold E chord double count, then
Am F E Am x2 gradually slower, second time end on Am

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