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Runrig - This Beautiful Pain - аккорды и текст, видео

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Runrig - This Beautiful Pain - аккорды и текст, видео

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This Beautiful Pain
Capo 3rd fret

Intro: G  D  C  G

G       D         C  
Day was young and desire was stirred
G          D        C
Summer was all but gone
G          D               C 
Light was fading from the side of your face
G       D           C
Sinking low in the corn

All that's constant and wise
I still see in your eyes
       G           D            C    
it was always this way from the start
Right here where I stand
on the last of the land
    D     C                   G    
But you're still breaking the heart

G         D               C  
Now all I have is rushing right through my hands
G       D        C 
Sailing over the seas
G          D                   C
Down that tide where fresh and salt combine
G         D          C
all victories are released
We who wrestle the years
have traded our fears
      G                D        C
for a glimpse of ecstasy in the dark
Turning ice in the fire
but we're still denied
     D    C                   G      
But you're still breaking the heart

Em                          C            
The skies turn red without failure
                 G           D              Em
they held their promise and dread till the last
        D                      Em
You put all of my youth in my future
            G                  D 
You put my future back into my past

    G       D                 C 
So shine a light and shine it brightly now
     G      D              C     
You know it all takes its course
     G      D               C
and all the many ways I've tried so hard
    G          D      C
to reach this potent source
On the day behind time
across the divide
           G             D            Em
along the cord came all light out of dark
    C                       Em
now I stand amaze in this beautiful pain
     D    C                   G
but you're still breaking the heart

Outro: G  D  C  G 
Добавлено: 06.09.2013
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