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Runrig - Cho Buidhe Sa Bha I Riabh - аккорды и текст, видео

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Runrig - Cho Buidhe Sa Bha I Riabh - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cho Buidhe Sa Bha I Riabh
Runrig - Cho Buidhe Sa bha I Riabh

Capo On 5th Fret

         C                 Em
Tha an rathad a' ruith go tuath
           F               C
Gleanntan sgapte air gach taobh
                Em              Am
A' ghrian tro ghiuthas nam mor-shliabh
Saighdean oir dhar leon an agh
G              C                    Em
Thuirt m'anam rium, "Nach teid thu null
                   F                 C
Cuir eallach is cruaidhchas asir do chul
                 Em            Am
Is gun cur an t-aite sealach failte oirnn
          F      G        C
Is bi mi comhla riut an drasd"


C, Em, F, C, Em, Am, F, G  x2

[The rest of the verses use the same chords as the first]

Sunndach a tha mi
Tron oighreachd bhoidheach, bhoidheach, buan
Bha thu daonnan na mo smuaint
Tro laithena iseal is bristeadh-cridhe
Tog orm mo chiall, tog orm mo bhith
Le cridhe aodrom, cridheil, ciuin
Aliuthad cuan a ghiulain do dhaoine
Is iad a' triall na slighe bhuat

Is ged tha an saoghal dol bun os cionn
Is astar bhliadhnaichean tighinn oirnn
Is ged tha mo dhuil ag eirigh suas
Is iomadh sgurr a ghios fo sgleo
Ach tha na siontan liath, is na siontan blath
Le blas cho diamhair is nach gabh e inns
Is tha an lus tha fas air croit Dhomnaill Bhain
Cho buidhe an diugh is a bha i riamh


Gaelic translation:

The road is stretching to the north
Great glens scattered on every side
The sun glinting through the mountain pines
Arrows of gold wounding us in joy
My soul said, "Come across to see me
Put your burdens and hardships behind you
This temporary place will give us welcome
And I will be with you again"

I am contented
Passing through the beautiful, eternal landscape
You were always in my thoughts
Through the low days and the heartbreak
Lift up my understanding, clothe me in my existence
With a light, a pleasing and a gentle heart
Many were the oceans that carried your people
As they journeyed far from you

Although the world has turned upside down
And the distance of yeasis upon us
And although my hope is riding to the heights
Many clouds will approach the summit
But the skies are blue, the skies are warm
With a warmth so profound it can not be described
And the flower that is growing an Domhnall Ban's croft
Is as yellow as it ever was 
Добавлено: 26.08.2013
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