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Run River North - Growing Up - аккорды и текст, видео

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Run River North - Growing Up - аккорды и текст, видео

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Growing Up
Run River North
Capo 3, chords relative to capo
C' is just a C chord moved down two frets
The same chords and pattern just repeat for the entire song
at the C C' C G just strum each one once then keep going on the G

Intro: G G G     C C' C     G G G x2

G                                Cadd9             G
Theres a fight to be won for the love you find at home 
G                                   Cadd9             G
There is work to be done before you rest your weary bones 
G                             Cadd9        G
Im finding peace dont come to everyone I know 
G                                     C    C'   C   G
So I will love in this life till I finally have to go 
G                                      C       C'  C   G
Said I would love in this life till I finally have to go

Well I know I have lived just a wrinkle of my life 
And I hear so many times, itll be over when I blink twice 
So please forgive if I dont walk off that plank stuck in your eye 
Ive got my life to love and Im here to take what's mine 

Growing up child is just a matter of time 
Forgiven all youve got so wont you dance under the sun 
Growing old feels like your giving up your soul 
And Id rather give it freely to the ones that I call home 

I ain't scared, no not afraid of the world in front of me 
I found my way without your help with a broken family 
I'll take my breaks with my sins, I'll do as I do please 
With my friends till the end, there lies my loyalty 
With my friends till the end, my lies their loyalty 

I used to close my eyes to what stirred under my bed 
Now they're open wide to the monsters in my head 
Instead of claws they whisper lies, sinking fear in quiet steps 
So I will fight in the light till i give my final breath

Chorus x2
Добавлено: 29.06.2013
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