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Run Forever - Warmer Weather - аккорды и текст, видео

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Run Forever - Warmer Weather - аккорды и текст, видео

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Warmer Weather
Run Forever
"Warmer Weather"

TUNING: standard

CAPO: 4th fret

CHORDS (low string to high string):
A   - x02220
D   - xx0232
E   - 022100
E7  - 022130
F#m - 244222

A   [A]   [A]   [A]
D   [D]    E    [E]
A   [A]

[A]                      E
 The play's coming to an end
     D                E                D            A     E  A
 The curtains all are closing, now the audience has left
[A]                       E
 And I'm standing with my friends
     D                E               D
 The warmer weather's stirring up the things I've tried
    A    E           A
 To make myself...forget

D           E                     A
 And I know you would say, "It'll be alright"
      D                     E
 So I spent these winter months trying
       A                 E              D
 To convince myself that everything was fine
          E                              A
 When the blanket fell, it covered me in lies

    D  F#m  E  [E]
 In lies...
    D  F#m  E  [E]
 In lies...

A   [A]

[A]                      E
 Now my head's spinning around
          D                 E                   D               A
 While my heart acts like a compass; I'm always looking for you now
[A]                                E
 Like you're some kind of lost and found
    D                      A              D                A
 Or hide-and-seek; through memories, I'll try and pick you out

D               E                  A
 On a bus ride, I told you, "It'll be alright"
     D                  E
 But look what happened now -
     A                   E                  D
 The words rolled off my lips and turned to lies
         E       E7     A
 Maybe I was the lie...

     D  F#m  E  [E]
 The lie...
     D  F#m  E  [E]
 The lie...
     D  F#m  E  [E]
 The lie...
     D  F#m  E  [E]
 The lie...

Добавлено: 02.08.2015
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