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Rufio - Punk E :**not A Song** - текст песни, видео

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Rufio - Punk E :**not A Song** - текст песни, видео

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hey, i know that this isnt a Rufio song and these arent even lyrics, but pUnK e is always making stupid comments in the Rufio section... so i figured why not? So in this section you can just say how you feel about pUnK e and her comments. The only reason why i made this section is because the things she says just piss me off, so instead of there being a comment about pUnK e in one lyrics place... here.. there.. if you want you can just see it all here : P
I think theres alot more people out there wanting to speak up... it doesnt only have to be about pUnK e, but others like him or her. Other Losers.

Добавлено: 29.09.2013
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