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Rudiments - Wailing Paddle - таба, бас-таба, видео

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Rudiments - Wailing Paddle - таба, бас-таба, видео

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Date: Tue, 02 Dec 1997 11:45:05 -0600 (CST)
From: Samuel Fletcher IV Barker 

song:wailing paddle
artists:the rudiments
album:skank for brains
tabbed by:samuel barker

bass intro:(2x)

guitar comes in with: C  Eii  A  F  (ska rhythm)

C              Eii         A       F
hanging up the old wailing paddle
C                    Eii            A    F
pull those splinters out of you skin
(same chords)
i saw knuckles by revenge
in our schools teaching cruel
hard times dismissed from crime
in great acceptance of invisible scars
take your whippin' like a man and you'll be a winner yeah
don't you wanna shine like the stars
good boys do good girls don't
double standards feeding off the rest remains in the past

pre-chorus:(w/ distortion)
C             Eii        A          F
the things we learn from consequence
C                Eii          A           F
we're all just figures messed up in coincidence
(same chords)
you live your life by foolishness
the things you least require take priority

chorus: Fii Gii Eii Fii D B C Bb F Bb A C G

school boys and school girls won't take it anymore
put fire in their poems just like mark twain

verse 2:
play the rolls away (?x)
drive past the billboard with the legs that sell
get yourself a new car and a bottlle and the babes will follow you
it's all just fun to see no one gets hurt
why should we question what is common place

repeat pre-chorus

repeat chorus(no lyrics)

break-down: C E A  C Eii A  C E A G F  F E G

play the rolls away (drums only)

verse 3:(enter guitar)
play the rolls away
in the classroom on the back row she likes you
play the rolls away
in the locker room there's some asshole blowin' out you mom
play the rolls away
on the barstool try not to be but it's hard to change
plays the rolls away
letters in the mail wondering who is writing you everyday

whoa! oh! oh! oh! oh! (4x)

bass outro w/ various C chords

chords used:
E   F   G   A   Bb  B   C   D  Eii  Fii  Gii
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