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Roy Orbison - Windsurfer - аккорды и текст, видео

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Roy Orbison - Windsurfer - аккорды и текст, видео

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Roy Orbison
Windsurfer:Roy Orbison.
Album - Mystery Girl - #2 on UK Albums
charts and #5 on BB Hot 200 on VIRGIN
Records in 1989.


A    D       A    D

E                                    A   E
All he wanted was to ride out on the wind.
A    D             E   
Wind-surfer, to be one of the guys and to 
look good in her eyes.

   D                       A
He practiced in his dreams trying to catch 
           E                          A
the waves..most of the time he sailed alone.
D                   A
Endless summer days flying in the sun,
he'd ride and wait for the wind to take him 
A    E

A    D      E A E  A    D      E A E
A    D       A    D          Bm
Wind-surfer..wind-surfer, he said, let's sail 
away together.
D                           A   E         A
She told him no, no, never, no, wind, windsurfer.

A                         D
It was early one morning, on a lonely beach,
          E                              A   E
he left a message and he wrote it in the sand.
A                        D
Why do we always go for, something out of reach,
  E                     A     E
nobody ever really understands.

A    D       E                       A
Wind-surfer, all he wanted to do was outrun the sun.
A    D                   E
Wind-surfer, to take her in his arm when the lonely 
days were done.

E    A        E    A

An eighties smash from Kraziekhat.

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