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Rose Blossom Punch - Windswept - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rose Blossom Punch - Windswept - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rose Blossom Punch
Rose Blossom Punch: Ephemere
Copyright 1997 Sarabellum Records
Tabbed by Collin Derrick

this song is basicly just power chords, but it's always fun to add the 'd' string in
    A                           G                   D                     A
	all my friends are lonely / they left me only / minutes in the hole
    A                       G                 D                       A
	so i'll fake a listen / sneak a kiss in / but only love is gold

    A                         G                    D                          A
	and i see you from afar / i know who you are / i can tell you all apart

    A                    G                 D                  A
	would you marry me / so we'd be free / for a lovely day
    A                        G                 D                                   A
	would you care to fall / and sell us all / and would you laugh along the way


    A            C                       G                    F
	but if you leave it to me she said / you're asking the world
    F            C                       G              F   E
	and if you take it from me instead / who will you o---we

	wouldn't i be freezin' / but so alive / if i killed another day
	though i've never fallen / still you mention often / that i wanted to be saved

[some other stuff]

[Final Chorus]
	i caught my head in the door again / what is it for 
	if you leave it to me she said / who will you owe

Copyright 1997 5 Minute Walk Music
Добавлено: 23.10.2013
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