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Rose Blossom Punch - Par Avion - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rose Blossom Punch - Par Avion - аккорды и текст, видео

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Par Avion
Rose Blossom Punch
		   Artist: Rose Blossom Punch
Song: Par Avion
1997 5 Minute Walk Records


Bb A C# F 4x

F                         C#    
when you opened up your mouth did it appear to be

F                 C#
the final falling out with what is left of me

F                 C#                         D#?
hear the laughter on the the hill when everything is still

Bb   A   C#             F   
         naturally it makes me angry

Bb   A   C#                    F 
         i'm overwhelmed with hate and worry

Bb   A   C#                       F
         i've been lying on the floor for hours

Bb   A   C#               F
         with principalities and powers 
Bb   A   C#   F

F                    C#
could it have ever been but near the end

F                    C#
you opened up your mouth it all came falling out

F                 C#                     D#? 
hear the laughter on the hill when everything is still


Bb   A   C#   F

F#   C#

F#                                       C#
don't you ever say to me again it's all over now

              F#                    C#                G#
and don't it feel like it's all to real you saved my soul

             C#   B       F#  
but did you open up your head

Bb   A               C#         F
       and did you figure out again        

Bb   A            C#              F
       that the redemption never ends

            C#   D#   F#  Solo 1 
in spite of me        

i've been holding this to feel the same

D#                          F#  
if i could get into this game it's all my fault

C#                            D#
said to me yourself to let it go now i can 

feel it so much more than i've known

C#                               D# 
well i heard about our friend i hear he'll

never hope again it's all the same

Solo 1


i'm pretty sure that all this is right. if you anything else that is not 
on the tab list e-mail me at  thanks
Добавлено: 26.09.2013
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