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Roots - The Session (longest Posse Cut in History) - текст песни, видео

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Roots - The Session (longest Posse Cut in History) - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
[Black Thought]
From the Tunnels in the wee hours of the black morning
From The Roots sprout the Foreign Objects family tree
This is mad abstract
All the way live from Philly, we got the hip-hop coalition
Called the Foreign Objects in effect
It's like dat, now dig

[?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Trotter, a.k.a.
[BT/Tariq Trotter]
Well um, Black Thought from The Roots y'all

[?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Simmons, a.k.a.
[AJ/Joseph Simmons]
A.J. Shine, The Dollar Sign, funky bid'ness

[?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Pitts, a.k.a.
[LA/Micah Pitts]
Lord Akil, social misfit

[?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Greene, a.k.a.
[MM/Tony Greene]
Straight from Sector 6 it's Mr. Manifest

[?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Ms. Thompson, a.k.a.
[SNM/Terresa Thompson]
Shorty... pussy (Oooooh!)

[?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Cee, a.k.a.
[Myself ? ? ?]
Myself, me Myself and I

[?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Dorsey, a.k.a.
[PP/Jamal Dorsey]
Pazi Plant, The Soul Plant

[?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Armstead, a.k.a.
[Bo/Conway Armstead]
Bo-watt, The Rhythmic Priest

[?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Basset, a.k.a.
[MB/Malik Basset]
Malik Blizzunt, Foreign Objects

[?uestion/Ahmir Thompson] Mr. Thompson, a.k.a.
[B?/Ahmir Thompson]
BROther ?uestion, from Square Roots y'all (yeah, ha-hah)

[BROther ?uestion]
And we the Foreign Objects (yeah, yeah)
And it's like this..

Now get loose, get loose, Malik B get loose
And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice
And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN)
Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!!

[Malik Blunt]
Yes, I will address and press about my microphone
Me-ssiah, am the best siah? Yes-I am
Most quick to go because I'm equipped to flow a script
I will just slay and disobey, I will display banana clips
That slaughter with the words and the herds of the verbs
I gots the urge to splurge, like a Bosnian Serb
A-drift I means a-draft I means I riff I means I raff
Rap's ca-tas-trophe, don't want no brass tro-phy
So okey-dokey folks, most provoke me ? so hold your ?
Was willin, cause I'm strollin with the quotes
Like Shakespeare, Mark Twain, or Edgar Allan Poe
But since I'm a ne-gro, I flows like Maya Ange-lou
No banja-lo was played, I means banjo betrayed
So the guitar, had to take the bitch off, and slay
You might think I'm a rookie or an amateur, but put me
On a panel or a channel I'll dismantle like the vandal-er
I meants to say the scandalous, vandalous, handle this
Like my man Emilio, what y'all should really know
You couldn't get the picture, if you was in an orchard
Or fortress, (so you niggaz better forfeit)

[BROther ?uestion]
Now get loose, get loose, ? get loose
And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice
And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN)
Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!!

[? ? ?]
Picture this as I get rugged with the scrpiture
Evacuatin scenes, spreadin thoughts like a drifter
I exit through my state of greater elevation, unifying
Grains through the force of the imagination, you dig
What I'm saying? But I see your mind's playing tricks
You thought you got the channel but you couldn't get a fix
Upon my mental -- I keep it complicated
Explosion of the spirit cause I opened up my soul and created
So now you dig the flavor, you're tasting what I gave ya
Seeping through the cellar cause I be the freak of nature
With, the images that I hold in my head
I be the kid from the Fifth, so y'all holding what I've said
I've said, I be the omnipresent factor from the void
Fatter is the flow, so my styling is employed
I'm ragged, pants worn bagged, and umm
The ghetto be my home so I shouts to the slum
Come, the misfit's got a tale, take you on a mad trip
The thoughts unveil
I'm too deep, you sinks down, I creeps round, the lowest
Of the levels, the positive raps that kill devils
The abstracts, right and exact, knapsack's on the back
Rip poetical flows upon the track
My thoughts escape onto a tape, you'll play it back
And listen, I brought to your mind what's missing

[BROther ?uestion]
Now get loose, get loose, Pazi Plant get loose
And just rock heartbeat showin you got juice
And have fun (HAVE FUN) have fun (HAVE FUN)
Have, HAVE, HAVE FUN!!!!

[Pazi Plant]
I'm hip to release ill units, I displays major soul
The ? out, so soul stays rhythmatic
To the static when it plays, levels from the bass
They chase but they'll never catch my patt-er-ns
Soul surrounds this Plant like the rings upon Sa-tur-n
Yo, I'm fatter than many, came to kick away any job
Umm, cat, conniver if it's abstract I'm liable
Take portion cause I'll fly that head ?
Dig the jazz that's closets from the Paz be-low bugged
Groovy like the nickel bag of love, slidin
Through the groovy fuzz, Plants is the buzz
Добавлено: 11.07.2012
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