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Roots - No Great Pretender - текст песни, видео

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Roots - No Great Pretender - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
[Malik B]
Check it out, one two
I be the, alias Malik B
Internationale rationale
All the people up 68th Ave.
And across Broad Street
Or Silk Lane in South Philly
And on, et cetera
Check it out, check it out

Chorus: The Roots

Here on this agenda, there is no pretenders
So when we begin to assassinate your cast members
Here on this agenda, there is no pretenders
So when we begin to assassinate your cast members

Verse One: Malik B

Dig it, cool calm collect in my perspective
Search the premises, I leave no clues for detectives
My verbal impact across your back slap
You talk about you see me, but your vision's full of cataract
It don't matter that, your glass house I shatter that
Bad luck I walk under now show me where the ladder at
Pull up the urinal organs up in your bladder cat
Approachin you with shriller rhetoric, as if you had a sac
Now crews down for it, your gas pedal floor it
With ammo and artillery and stash spots to keep and store it
I used the banner of a slant with a zort
Change your strategic plan, my man's getting bored
Your vocal chord is fraudulent, and not the true porcelain
I bring the fire, earth, and the source of wind
The force of sin will endorse the pen
We all search for sanity, but I think that it was lost again
Now which stick of artists, can be the smartest
My beam of sunlight shines the brightest in the forest
Regardless, artists dislike because I'm ?
Control the temper, makin MC's whimper
I tilt the Earth from off the axis in the center
Next I'm in the womb like a placenta
M-Illi-Tant the city ninja, uplift
Cause I'm the soul avenger, remember I'm no great pretender

Chorus 2X

Verse Two: Black Thought

Strategis, I bet y'all niggaz can't believe this
I read you like a whole avenue that's filled with meters
Parked, fuck your back talk, I watch how niggaz cat-walk
Over my pit of venom and send em to the asphault
For inquisitives, who wanna try to test me
What protects me, will make you shake like epilipsy
Plague your neighborhood with lyrical le-prosy
Stimulate more than Ecstasy y'all niggaz check my recipe
Dig it, I must observe it, analyze when I'm chillin
Peep out who's the villain then make your whole pavillion
Of a Sicilian, excuse the greed don't want a mill'
I want a zillion - stacks of Franklins to the ceiling
I counts stacks imported, fuck the yacht and the mansion
I want Pluto and Jupiter, political, universal expansion
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