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Rooney - Shakin - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Rooney - Shakin - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Song: "Shakin"
Composed by : Nick Magnus
Artist: Rooney
These are corrections to Rooney's "Shakin"
i'm pretty sure these are the chords to this song. i formed them into
5th power chords, you can play the whole chord if you'd like. i usually
these chords with my pinky and index fingers.
A#5 -  [ 6 - 8 - x - x - x ]
C#5 -  [ 9 - 11 - x -x -x ]
Ab5 - [ 4 - 6 - x - x - x ]
D#5 - [ 11 - 13 - x - x - x ]
[ intro: ]  play these once on the first time.
A#5   -  C#5   -  Ab5     - play them a second time, but this time strum
to the rythem
On the third time just play A#5 and go to D#5 hold till Verse chords
      C#5    A#5     D#5
I've forgotten what it feels like  . . .
hold D#5 on this part 
"Now I'm,   Now I'm"                      
Shoo Shoo Shakin . . . .
 Ab5    to    C#5  x 2             then
A#5    to     D#5  x  2     goes back into the verse chords
Ultimatley you repeat everything but the intro of corse. The key to
this song is that D#5 chord on "Now i'm, Now i'm" part which
will let you know to go into the "Shoo Shoo Shakin" chorus line.
All You Need Is Love !
Only the end .....              I'll show you my blueside  
Have fun with it, need anything else just email me ! 

Добавлено: 22.10.2013
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