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Room Full Of Walters - Thats Not What Its About - аккорды и текст, видео

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Room Full Of Walters - Thats Not What Its About - аккорды и текст, видео

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Thats Not What Its About
Room Full Of Walters
		   Thats Not What It's About
Room Full of Walters
C1997 Word
tabbed by Matt Atlas ( and Mark Scheltgen

A couple notes.  I got Mark (the guitarist of Room Full of Walters) to
help me with this song.  Secondly, they tune their guitars a half step
down.  Third, These are all barre chords.  (G if you want, just play it
in normal tuning and play a Gb instead of a G, etc)

G                             D            C         G
See the man on television, he wants you to send your prayers
G                                            D         C           G
G he can pray to God for you, 'cause he can reach Him better from there
G                                         D       C        G
But he needs just a little more space, he needs a place to kneel
G                                 D        C     G
If you just send your money he'll pray for you instead


Am   G
If I could,
    Am     G
You know I would
Am   G
If I could,
I'd change your mind

G              C             G     C   C
Because that's not what it's about no, no
   G            C              D
In fact they're messing it all up
G  C                  G   C     C
If He were here right now yeah, yeah
  G    C                    D
I dont think He'd walk that way

And I need a little more space......

Bang C chord 3 times
Добавлено: 20.10.2013
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