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Ronan Keating - Father And Son Acoystic - таба, видео

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Ronan Keating - Father And Son Acoystic - таба, видео

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Father and Son(Acoustic) - Ronan Keating

Tabbed by: Glory Basumata(INDIA)
E-mail   :
Tuning   : Standard

This is simple tabbing, yet the music is really touchy…Tabbing is 98% correct. Even if 
have got some doubts then just e-mail me. I'll work harder on it. Till then enjoy playing it…
((((((((((((((((((((((Timing is Important))))))))))))))))))))))))))
             (((((((((((((Listen to the Song)))))))))))))))

  A                        A


Rest of the song you can play using : A, E & D
                      A                      E
Father:              It's not time to make a change
                           A              D
                     Just relax, take it easy
                     You're still young that's your fault
                              E                       A
                     There's so much you have to know

                     A                   E
                     Find a girl settle down
                           A              D
                     If you want you can marry
                     Look at me, I am old
                             E          A
                      But I'm happy

                      A                       E
Father :             I was once like you are now
                          A                   D
                     And I know that it's not easy
                     To be calm when you've found
                               E              A
                     Something's going on
                            A                     E
                     But take your time, think a lot
                             A                   D
                     Think of everything you've got
                     For you will still be here tomorrow
                                E                A
                     But your dreams may not
                      A               E
Son:                 How can I try to explain
                         A                   D
                     When I do he turns away again
                     It's always been
                            E            A
                     Same old story
                      A                    E
                     From the moment I can talk
                          A               D
                     I was ordered to listen
                            A                   E
                     Now there's a way and I know
                     That I have to go away
                     E                   A
                     I know I have to go...

 Repeat:             Father(once)

                       A                         E
 Son:                And all the times that I've cried
                             A                      D
                     Keeping all the things I knew inside
                            A                         E
                     It's hard, but it's harder to ignore it
                            A                    E
                     If they were right I'd agree
                     But it's them they know not me
                                A              E
                     Now there's a way and I know
                     That I have to go away
                     E                     A
                     I know I have to go...
Добавлено: 06.04.2012
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