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Roger Miller - Vance - текст песни, видео

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Roger Miller - Vance - текст песни, видео

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Roger Miller
Words and Music by Bobby Russell

-peak Billboard position # 80 in 1968

He was born one mornin'
It was cold and it was snowin'
And from the start he never had a chance
And though the doctors said he couldn't live
His mama had some faith to give
'n' they brought him to her and his mama named him Vance

He was sick a long time then
I used to sit by him
I'd rub his head and he would squeeze my hand
But he never cried, he'd grit his teeth and smile at me
'cause he couldn't speak
And that's when I began to respect the little man
And I think Vance was three right about then

He started school and one day
He came home and at the doorway I could tell
The little man didn't want to come inside
He had met a girl but her boyfriend Smitty
Had caught him walkin' home with her
And nearly killed Vance
But then Vance never cried
And the only thing that Smitty hurt was pride

And he said

"Papa do you become a man when you're twenty-one?"
And I said "Age doesn't make a man a man, my son"


He looked at me so puzzled with eyes so young and kind
'n' I think Vance was seven about that time

I guess they say that first love is the very best
At least it was with Vance
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