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Roger Miller - The Day I Jumped From Uncle Harvey's Plane - текст песни, видео

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Roger Miller - The Day I Jumped From Uncle Harvey's Plane - текст песни, видео

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Me ?®n' oliver ?®n' virgil was in the drugstore killing time
When my eyes fell upon this magazine
And i got to reading this article on sky-diving and parachuting
And it said jumping out of air-planes was the thing

Now being raised down on a farm and always ready for adventure
I knew that i could figure out a way
I said ?°well delmer gill's got a parachute and uncle harvey's got an air-plane?±
So i said ?°call the boys together, today's the day?±

Well i found out too late what uncle harvey called an air-plane
Was nothing but an engine and a wing
And i could feel my fear a-rising as delmer packed the parachute
?®cos he kept telling me i was doing the right thing

Ron mcloughlin shook my hand as jd strapped me in the harness
And tildon brought a jug and passed it around
I took one look at that parachute and that whisky and that air-plane
And i turned that bottle up and drank it down

Well i was drunker'n cooter jones when they poured me in the plane
The engine coughed and headed for the clouds
But i was sober as a judge by the time they opened up the door
And i've never known my heart to beat so loud

I said, ?°harvey, i can't do it?± as he kicked me out the door
And i wrapped my hands around the landing gear
And i was holding on real good ?®til harvey stepped down on my fingers
And virgil said he heard me scream from way down there

Well i thanked god and delmer gill when my parachute finally opened
I said ?°well, hell there ain't no use in being afraid?±
And i went crashing through the hen house, scattering chickens and breaking eggs
And i kissed the ground and fainted dead away

Now friends i've done some fighting, and i've been shot at once or twice
And i've durn near been run over by a train
But i don't think i remember being any more afraid
Than the day i jumped from uncle harvey's plane
Добавлено: 08.02.2014
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