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Roger Daltrey - Parting Sould Be Painless - текст песни, видео

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Roger Daltrey - Parting Sould Be Painless - текст песни, видео

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w&m Kit Hain

?‚?© 1983 Intersong USA, Inc.

It's easy in the confidence of a warm heart

 to observe how other lovers criticise 

When their turn comes to part They grow uncivilised 

Wasn't friendship going to carry us 

When love ran out?

  Didn't we know What respect was all about?

 But now it would seem That's all forgotten 

(I didn't want it to end like this) 

And I don't even know (I didn't want it to end) 

When we lost the way

 Oh no no no Not me and you Not we two Oh no-didn't we agree

 Parting would be painless

I remember how in the safety of our love 

We swore we'd never let that state arise 

And if one had had enough  We would be civilised 

By watching we could avoid The same mistakes 

We would tread the soft way out For the other's sake 

Can it be possible Is it happening this way 

We are the same two people Tearing up in anger Tearing everything in complicated knots 

Not caring, not giving, not giving a damn
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