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Rodney Carrington - Married To My Pickup Truck - таба, видео

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Rodney Carrington - Married To My Pickup Truck - таба, видео

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Rodney Carrington - Pickup Truck

Intro: G C D G (listen to the song to get this right)

G                          C
I'm getting married to my pickup truck
D                           G
It never leaves me when I'm down on my luck
G                   C
It doesn't shop at fancy stores
Or have a lawyer, or want a divorce
G                    C             
it doesn't care if I stay out late
D                         G
It doesn't bitch about the money I make
                     C                     D
We'll be together till the end 

It won't sleep with my best friend

C                  D
I'm gonna get down on one knee, 
C                        D
And ask my truck if it'll marry me
C                  D
I'll never drive another car, 
C                        D
We'll honeymoon at the titty bar

G                   C
I'm gonna have the time of my life
The exhaust pipes are tighter than my ex-wife
G                        C
You think I'm crazy but listen to this 
I can bring home a hooker and it won't get pissed, no
G                    C
Wedding ring won't cost me a buck, 
      D                                        G
when I'm getting married to my pickup, pickup truck

Tabbed by ReZ for 2008
Добавлено: 05.10.2013
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