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Rocky Horror - Touch Me - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Rocky Horror - Touch Me - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Touch Me
Rocky Horror
Touch me, Rocky Horror Picture Show

I was feeling done in,
couldn't win,
E                      F#
I'd only ever kissed before.
I thought there's no use getting
into heavy petting.
It only leads to trouble
and seat wetting.

Now all I want to know
is how to go.
I've tasted blood and I want more (more, more).
I'll put up no resistance,
I want to stay the distance.
I've got an itch to scratch
and need assistance.


C#                            Bbm
Touch me, touch me, touch me, touch me,
F#           C#
I want to be dirty.
C#                      Bbm
Thrill me, chill me, fulfil me,
F#              C#
Creature of the Night.

Then if anything grows,
when you pose,
I'll oil you up and rub you down (down, down).
And that's just one small fraction
of the main attraction.
You need a friendly hand
and I need action.

Refrain: ...

Refrain: ...            (All chords one halfstep up,
                         E.G. C# -> D)

Finish !!!

x Tobias Gmelin                     x                                       x
x                                   x  "TATATA TA !"                        x
x          x                                       x
x                                   x  (Ludwig van Beethoven, 9th Symphony) x
x University of Karlsruhe, Germany  x                                       x
Добавлено: 19.06.2012
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