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Robin Trower - Only Time - таба, видео

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Robin Trower - Only Time - таба, видео

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Robin Trower
Only Time
Submitted by:  Leon

Yeah, erm, listen to the music to get the tone, and timing.  Robin would
various vintage strats, and Marshall Amps, prob 50watt heads, and vintage
celestion speakers.  Probably using the Univibe, and drive pedals, and
probably a Vox wah, or crybaby, something vintage and toneful.  Prob neck
pickup, and middle. 3 position switch with trowers strats.

h        = hammer on
p        = pull off
tr       = trill (alternate between two notes fast (hammer on/pull off
/        = slide up
\        = slide down
~        = vibrato
(X)      = Ghost note (applied quieter when on own, or in chord)
x        = mute string
-X-(Y)-  = bend X note to Y note

Normal tuning: EADGBe
(F#)          tr~        (F#)  (F#)    (E)                         (F#)

(F#)   (F#)                             (F#)  (F#)

     (F#)      (E)            =========== A =========(F#)
Lonely..       .stream                as it..  ..the sea (with riff A)
Lonely..       .dreams                driftin'..eternity (with riff B)
 ========= B =======(F#)
Im one of the few ppl to actually submit trower tab, thnx to anyone else
submitted anything.  E-mail me if your interested in any other stuff im
working on, and please do add to this.  Im too lazy at the moment to
the file, the basic thing is still F# / E chords, with wah later.  Love
this great soulful trower stuff, its great.
Добавлено: 17.10.2013
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