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Robin Hall And Jimmie Macgregor - Nicky Tams - аккорды и текст, видео

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Robin Hall And Jimmie Macgregor - Nicky Tams - аккорды и текст, видео

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Nicky Tams
Robin Hall And Jimmie Macgregor
Traditional Scottish folk song

Intro = D C D

Verse 1
D                 C                                D
When I wis barely 12 'ears aul' I left the pairish skool
D                                    C                 A
Ma father fee'd me tae the mains tae chaw his milk an' meal
  D                            C                  A
I first pit on ma nerra breeks tae hap ma spin'le trams
     D                C                                D   D
Then bucklet roond ma k-nappin' k-nees a pair o' nicky tams

Verse 2
D                  C                                D
First I got on for bailie loon an then I got on for third
D                                   C                   A
An' yne of course I hid tae get the horseman's gripping word
  D                               C                   A
A loaf o' breid tae be ma piece a bottle for drinkin' drams
       D                   C                                 D   D
Bit ye canna gae throo the calf-hoose door without yer nicky tams

Verse 3
D                C                                 D
The fairmer I am wi' the noo he's wealthy but he's mean
D                                         C               A
Though corn's cheap his horse is thin his hairness fairly deen
   D                                   C                  A
He gars us load wir cairts aye fu' his conscience has nae qualms
     D                          C                             D   d
When breist-straps brak there's neething like a pair o' nicky tams

Verse 4
D                   C                              D
I'm coortin' bonnie Annie noo Rob Tamson's kitchie-deem
D                         C          A
She is five-and-forty an' I am seiventeen
    D                                C                  A
She clorts a muckle piece tae me wi' different kin's o' jam
        D             C                               D   d
An' she tells me ilke nicht that she admires ma nicky tams

Verse 5
D                 C                              D
I' mornin' ah put on me claus the kirkie for tae gyang
D                              C                     A
Ma collar it was unco ticht ma breeks were nane ower lang
  D                            C               A
I had ma Bible in ma pooch likewise ma book o' Psalms
    D               C                               D   D
Fan Annie roart "Ye muckle gype, tak' aff yer nicky tams"

Verse 6
D                   C                                D
Though unco sweir I took them aff the lassie for tae please
D                                 C             A
But aye ma breeks they lirket up aroon aboot ma knees
  D                                   C             A
A wasp gaed crawlin' up ma leg in the middle o' the Psalms
    D                  C                             D   D
An' nivir again will I rig the kirk withoot ma nicky tams

Verse 7
D                  C                          D
I affen thocht I'd like tae be a bobby on the force
D                                  C               A
Bit maybe I'll get on the cars tae drive a pair o' horse
   D                            C              A
Wherever it's my lot tae be the bobbies or the trams
     D                C                          D
I'll never forget the happy days I wore ma nicky tams

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