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Robert Sterling - I Choose Jesus - аккорды и текст, видео

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Robert Sterling - I Choose Jesus - аккорды и текст, видео

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I Choose Jesus
Robert Sterling
I Choose Jesus
Robert Sterling

     A:x02220      D:xx0232      F:133211
    A7:x02020    D/E:0x0232   Fsus:113311
  A/C#:x4222x    D/A:x00232    F#7:242222
 Asus4:x02230     Dm:xx0231    F/A:x0321x
    A#:x1333x    Dm7:xx0211  Gm7/C:x33333
   A#m:x13321   Dm/C:x30231   Gm/A:x00333
A#7M  :x1323x  Dsus4:xx0233   G#m7:464444
    Bm:x2443x     D#:x6888x  Gm/A#:x1003x
   Bm7:x2423x     E7:020100     Gm:355333
  Bm/A:x0443x    Em7:020000    Gm7:353333
     C:x32010                  G/A:x00003
  C#m7:x4645x                  G/B:x20003

Dsus4  D  Dsus4  D
G/B  Gm/A#  Dsus4  D

Verse 1:

         Dsus4            D         Dsus4    D
Some say life is just a series of decisions
          G/B       A/C#       D
We make choices; we live and learn
          C#m7   F#7        Bm7    Bm/A
Now I'm standing    at a crossroad
            D/E   E7               C   Asus4  A
And I must choose    which way to turn
         Gm        D                      Gm   D
Down the one road lies all the world can offer
         G/B        A/C#       D
All its power, its wealth and fame
         C#m7         F#7
Down the other just a man
      Bm               Gm/A#
With nail scars in his hands
              D/A         G#m7
But there is mercy in His eyes
              Gm7         A#/C
And there is power in His name


C          F             Em7   A7
I choose Jesus, I choose Je - sus
             Dm    Dm/C
Without a solitary doubt
         D#    F
I choose Je - sus
A#7M                      Gm/A  A7
Not for miracles but for loving me
Dm        Dm/C            G/B   A#m
Not for Bethlehem but for Cal - vary
F/A       A#           F     Dm7
Not for a day but for eter - nity
          Gm7   Gm7/C   Fsus   F   G/A   A
I choose Jesus

Verse 2:

Dsus4           D               Dsus4   D
All my life I sailed the sea of reason
        G/B   A/C#    D
I was captain  of my soul
          C#m7      F#7        Bm   Bm/A
There was  no  need    for a Savior
         D/E      E7       C  Asus4  A
I could live life   on my own
Then I heard Him speak
        D           Gm     D
The language of compassion
           G/B        A/C#    D  
Words of healing for broken lives
D        C#m7             F#7
When we nailed Him to the tree
     Bm           Gm/A#
His love included  me
           D/A          G#m7
Now He's calling me to follow
        Gm7            A#/C
And to leave the past behind

Repeat Chorus



This chord chart was transcribed  from 
and transposed into the key of D.
Добавлено: 24.12.2015
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