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Robert Miles - Mama Courtney - аккорды и текст, видео

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Robert Miles - Mama Courtney - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mama Courtney
Robert Miles
Mama Courtney by Robert Mizzell

D                               G
I remember as a baby barely one year old
       D                                A
When I first met Mama Courtney with her heart of gold
   D                         G
I didn't know away back then how she'd influence me
      D                           A             D
And I thank Mama Courtney for the man I grew to be

D                                   G
My mother lost her way in life Mama Courtney took me in
           D                    A
She became my foster Mother and my best friend
      D                                  G
She'd drive us kids around the town in a big black ghost mobile
        D                        A                D
To this day I still remember how good she made us feel


          G                               D
There are many children in this world who suffer hurt and shame
        G                           D               A
I thank all the Mama Courtney's who took away their pain
    D                            G
God works in mysterious ways I believe this is true
           D                              A         D
Though she had no children of her own she fostered 32

D                          G
Blackie was her husband he drove a pick-up truck
   D                              A
He worked at the power station to earn an honest buck
   D                      A
At weekends he go hunting squirrels up in Arkinsaw
                         A                 D
And every night when he tucked us in we would call him Pa

D                                G
Us kids are all now grown up and gone our separate ways
       D                         A
I look back on my childhood with many happy days
         D                             G
And when I go back to Sri-Port I place flowers on her grave
      D                           A                D
And I thank Mama Courtney for all us kids that she saved

Repeat Chorus X 2
Добавлено: 03.07.2013
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