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Robert Cray - Wont Be Coming Home - аккорды и текст, видео

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Robert Cray - Wont Be Coming Home - аккорды и текст, видео

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Wont Be Coming Home
Robert Cray
Won't Be Coming Home (Robert Cray)
    Dm   A5   G5
Dm                                   Gm                      Bb
As her car pulls out the driveway... and she don't wave goodbye
A                   Dm Gm        Bb                       Dm A5 G5   Dm A5 G5
Her last words echo in my mind "Listen honey, I gotta get away"
Dm                                        Gm                         Bb
Standing here watching her tail lights... as if they're some kind of sign
A              Dm Gm     Bb                   A
Fading into a memory... I just got tired of trying

Dm F       Bb              Dm
So long, I hate to see you go
Bb                                        Dm 
but I save my tears for later on down the road
Dm  F        Bb              Dm
How come you keep me holding on
Bb           A               Dm A5 G5      
Knowing you won't be coming home
    A                Dm A5 G5         Dm A5 G5
You won't be coming home

Dm                                 Gm                         Bb
Two days later I get a letter... a picture of a room in some hotel
A                        Dm Gm       Bb                      Dm A5 G5     Dm A5 G5
Sitting framed up on the table... a picture that I know quite well
You've painted yourself in to a corner
Gm                                    Bb
Now you're trying to paint something new
A                       Dm  Gm       Bb                A
And the lipstick on the letter is a goodbye kiss from you


C               Gm(addA)        Bb                      F (addE)
I still set the table...       still set it for you and me
C             Gm(addA)       Bb                      A    A7
It's become a habit...       my own personal make believe

(solo, then chorus twice)
Добавлено: 13.07.2013
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