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Rilo Kiley - Bury Bury Bury Another - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rilo Kiley - Bury Bury Bury Another - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bury Bury Bury Another
Rilo Kiley
Tabbed by Jazmin N.

        D                 G  
We had jobs then we were happy
              A7             D
Because we had jobs that we liked
Now it's just hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry us up
           A7           D
We got to get it done tonight

And the roads that you built
                 D         A
Won't get us there fast enough
And the shadows on the hills
            D         A              G             D
They don't shade us enough from the beating down sun

       D                         G  
Maybe distance might wash away your loved ones
               A7              D
That left you all at once, just because
It was bury, bury, bury, bury another
You'd wash your feet
As you make your way up

To some overly quiet place
                   D      A
You never looked hard enough
     Em                                  D       A
For your own last name or someone you liked at all
              G                    D
To keep you standing there with flowers

Solo over these chords: D G A7 D (x2)

         D (let it ring)
We had love then
We had attachments
              A7              D
And we had carelessness on our side

Now all the afternoons between romances
Keep us hanging on
          A7              D
We wish our ex was by our side

         Em                               D         A
And the loves that you had, they didn't please you enough
Now your face is in your hands
                    D           A         G        D
And you wonder if anyone ever will, ever will, ever will

Добавлено: 04.12.2015
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