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Rilo Kiley - A Manmethen Jim - аккорды и текст, таба

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Rilo Kiley - A Manmethen Jim - аккорды и текст, таба

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Авторы музыки: Jenny Lewis, Blake Sennett
Авторы текста: Jenny Lewis
A Manmethen Jim
Rilo Kiley
This is G pretty easy yet great song by Rilo Kiley. Standard tuning and nothing fancy. Enjoy!

Capo 2 (no capo works, but makes the melody impossible to play)

For the intro, and when a similar thing happens later,
the first C chord is 4 bars and everything else is 2 bars. 

C F C G C x2

I had one friend in high school recently he hung himself with string
         F                                                        C
His note said "If livin' is the problem, well that's just baffling."

And at the wake I waited around to see my ex first love
        F                                                    C
And I barely recognized her, but I knew exactly what she was thinking of
       G                     F                      C
We sat quietly in the corner whispering close about loss
        G                               F                         C
And I remembered why I loved her, and I asked her why I drove her off

She said
    F    G       C  
The slow fade of love
         F     G    C
Its soft edge might Cut you
        F            Em     
And our poor friend, Jim
     C       G/B      F
Well he just lived within
         G       C
The slow fade of love

A woman calls my house once a week; she's always selling things
     F                                              C
Some charity, a phone plan, a subscription to a magazine
         G                                       F                          C
And as I turned her down, I always do, there was something trembling in her voice
        G                                   F                    C
I said "Hey, what troubles you?", She said "I'm surprised you noticed"

Well, my husband, he's leaving, and I can't convince him to stay
          F                                                       C
and he'll take our daughter with him, she wants to go with him anyway
    G                           F                          C
I'm sorry I'm hard to live with, living is the problem for me
            G                            F                           C
I'm selling people things they don't want when I don't know what you need

            F    G       C
He said the slow fade of love
         F        G       C
and it's mist might choke you
        F       Em
It's my gradual descent
       C      G/B  F
Into a life I never meant
              G       C 
It's the slow fade of love

C F C G F C (similar to intro)

I was driving south of Melrose; I happened upon my old lover's old house
          F                                                            C
I found myself staring at the closed up door like the day she threw me out

"Dianna, Dianna, Dianna I would die for you
       F                                                    C
I'm in love with you completely, I'm afraid that's all I can do"
                  G                               F                C
She said "You can sleep upon my doorstep, you can promise me indifference, Jim
       G                         F                      C
But my mind is made up, and I'll never let you in again"

        F    G       C
For the slow fade of love
        F       G     C
It might hit you from below
          F       Em
It's your gradual descent
       C        G/B  F
Into a life you never meant
              G       C
It's the slow fade of love 


         F    G       C
It's the slow fade of love  x9 (I think it is about 9 time that you slow fade out)

Hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have any questions.
Добавлено: 21.05.2016
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