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Ricky Kendall - A Bad Case - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ricky Kendall - A Bad Case - аккорды и текст, видео

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A Bad Case
Ricky Kendall
Verse 1
C                    F              C
I got rusted out and I could not be found
C      C/B     Am       G     F              G
All my hammers hardened up my one sustain is down
C                           F                C
My head's dull and ringing hard worn on the floor
C     C/B     Am    G      F       G          C
I may never play again but I'll be played no more

       F                C
By the hunger by the throat 
        F                   C      C/B
can you hear me in my sour note?
       Am      F      C    Em
With a crooked neck I sing
   C         C/B     Am        G
If I don't sound to you beautiful 
         F    G      C          
will you even hear a thing?

C C/B Am G F G C

Verse 2 
C                                 F                C
I'm strung out in some anger; I'm hung up on the wall
C     C/B    Am   G     F                  G
By my own devices but I swear it's not my fault
C                             F                C
Keys all brown and broken and words all out of wit
C           C/B     Am       G         F        G      C
Locked and left unspoken because these keys no longer fit

Chorus 2
         F             C
Still I hunger; yes I hope
        F                               C      C/B
You can find me in this little song I wrote
       Am      F            C    Em
With a bad case and nothing new
   C        C/B     Am       G        F        G      C
Oh hold me like you love me still and I will play for you
C       C/B    Am        G         F       G           C
Hold me like a brand-new thing and I'll believe it's true.
Добавлено: 23.06.2016
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