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Rick Astley - Move Right Out - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rick Astley - Move Right Out - аккорды и текст, видео

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Move Right Out
Rick Astley
Intro: Gm Eb F x2

She comes home in the morning light
Eb                F
Tries to hide the secret of last night
Tells a tale of working late
Eb                  D
Says the things she knows I hate
Why should I convince myself
Am                    Bm
That she loves me and no one else
Feels like time to break the chains
Eb         D         G
I wont be fooled again

Gonna take my time
Gonna take what's mine
Eb                     G
I'm gonna move right out
Gonna take my time
Gonna keep my pride
Eb               C       Gm
Gonna move right out yeah

Repeat Chords from Verse 1 and pre chorus

When we kiss there's no flame   
Eb            F
But I believe I'm not to blame   
When we touch its by mistake     
Eb             D
Tenderness she just can't fake   
Who does she think I am
Am              Bm
To let her love another man
I won't take another day
Eb       D       G
I just refuse to stay

Repeat Chorus
Cm              Eb
Oh I love her I really care
Gm                    Bb
The days so long when she's not there
Cm                D
But I believe it just ain't right
Eb                      D 
To see her with someone else tonight
Hear me now

Repeat Chorus

Outro: F  Gm  F  Gm 
Добавлено: 12.12.2015
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