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Richie Campbell - All About You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Richie Campbell - All About You - аккорды и текст, видео

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All About You
Richie Campbell
Cm (335543) I play a cm7 (335343)
Gm (355333)
D  (557775)

Intro: (Cm -  Gm - A - Gm) (DÓm - SOLm - LÁ - SOLm)

Cm                             Gm
The other day when she buck up pon me
                D                  Gm
She nah stop talk from 8 oclock until 3
             Cm                      Gm
Me can't believe how that gyal a work me
                    D                            Gm
She tell me seh she have a next man she a go meet after me

So me tell her if a competition me want disqualified
Me nuh want girl like you fi me bonafide
Run go tell her she can't take me for a ride
   Cm                           Gm
       Anyweh me go a bare evil gyal a par
   D                             Gm
Me nuh deh pon dat so don't bring that gyal to me star
   Cm                             Gm
Before we link up me haffi know who you are
  D                               Gm
If a bad intention gyal yuh a go see me from far away

Cause I know your ways

Cm                Gm
Yes I know that , It's all about you
D                      Gm
Baby a girl like that I coulda never love you
All about you ,
Gm                      D     Gm
It's all about you (yheaeaeaea)
And a nuh lie me a tell you know it is true
All about you

All when she far away
Me tell myself how you fi miss a girl who never miss you same way?
How yuh fi care bout her
When another man a drive her in him car now him ready fi undress

her no no no
When yuh lay at bed at night and see her in the moonlight
She deh pon the phone and beg a next man "Mek me feel right"
She say she nuh want no loving, she ready fi di good good fucking
She's ready fi bawl, no phone calls, another man ready fi force

Oh it's all about her
Добавлено: 17.06.2015
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