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Richard Thompson - Mr. Stupid - текст песни, видео

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Richard Thompson - Mr. Stupid - текст песни, видео

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(Richard Thompson) 

If I say what's on my mind, dear 
The judge will slap me down 
You've got me in the corner 
And it's only the second round 
So I'll keep my mouth shut, darling 
I'll be quiet as a lamb 
And I'll act just as dumb, dear 
As you really think I am 

I'll shake your hand like a 'Rang Utan 
Be as goofy as a clown 
Clear the streets and book your seats 
Mr. Stupid's Back In Town 
Have you seen me shoot 
Right through that hoop 
It's a trick of great renown 
Bring the crowd and laugh out loud 
Mr. Stupid's back in town 

When your friends point out 
You're stuck with 
A Neanderthal for an ex 
Don't fret about it, darling 
I still sign my name on cheques 
I can grunt my way through questions 
I can scratch myself and howl 
I can numb you with my dumbness 
I can lay it on with a trowel 

On your 37th birthday 
When he handed you that mink 
Did you still feel like a victim 
With your elbows in the sink 
But I've said too much already 
Now I think I'll step aside 
'Cos my alter ego's ready 
For any questions on your mind
Добавлено: 17.07.2012
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