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Rich Mullins - Playing Hard To Get - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rich Mullins - Playing Hard To Get - аккорды и текст, видео

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Playing Hard To Get
Rich Mullins
		   Playing Hard to Get
Rich Mullins
© 1998 Liturgy Legacy Music/Word Music/ASCAP

from the Rich Mullins songbook, written down by:
Brian William (
Calling ®^[Dsus]play-ing [D]hard to [G]get

intro x 2

[G]You who live in [D/A]radiance
hear the [C]prayers of those of us who live in [Dsus]skin[D]

we have a [G]love that's not as [D/A]patient as Yours was[C] 

still we [Em7]do love now and [Dsus]then [D]

did [Am]You ever know [G/B]loneliness
did [C]You ever know [Dsus]need[D]
do You [Am]remember just how [G/B]long
a night [C] can get? 
[/C /B]
when [Am]You are barely [G]holding on
and [D/F#]Your friends fall a[G]sleep
and don't [Am]see the blood that's
[G/B]running in Your [C] sweat 
[/C /B]
will [Am]those who mourn be [G/B]left uncom[C]forted [/C /B] 

while [Am]You're up there just
[Dsus]playing [D]hard [G]to get?

[C] and i know you bore our [G/B]sorrows
[Am7] and i [G/B]know you feel our [G]pain [/A /B]
[C] and i know that it would [Bm]not hurt any less 

[Am] even if [G]it could be ex[D/F#]plained 
[Em] and i know that [D/F#]i am [G]only lashing out 

[G] at the [Am]One who loves me [C]most [G/B]
[Am] and [G]after i have [D/F#]figured this [G]somehow 
[Am] what i really need to [Dsus]know

is if [G]You who live in e[D/A]ternity 

hear the [C]prayers of those     
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