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Rialto - Los Angelenos - текст песни, видео

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Rialto - Los Angelenos - текст песни, видео

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Therapy sessions since the age of seven - a familiar dysfunction. only 21 going on 11, when his loving arms became a truncheon. well she can act cute or she can act coy - the tantrums turn up un
Ed; she's playing with needles 'cos she's bored of her toys - oh it's so hard to get excited.

Misunderstood and overfed on mummy's pills and daddy's bread - los angelenos from hell, you're doing very well.

A telephone voice that keeps us all sweet, but there's always a call that's waiting. she's pulling faces across the room as she speaks, as if it's all so irritating.


Bubblegum for brains, she's getting silicone chest pains ?c she don't look quite so young after all that holidaying in the sun.

You just need an agent to make you a star - you know that the awards are waiting. behind tinted windows of american cars, you'll make interesting conversation.
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