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Rhett Miller - Question - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rhett Miller - Question - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rhett Miller
After a long time I've accually updated this tab now.

Thank you finnlozada and sabotagethefool for the comments and corrections so this tab 
be as accurate as possible!

In this song there is a transition, or whatever you call it, that will be presented in
end of the tab.They are marked as G*, G*1.

Frickin enjoy!

PS I noticed this song from Scrubs, love scrubs, makes me feel happy...

the song is basically:

intro: |C|B|Am|G| |F|Em|F|G|

vers:  |C|B|Am|G| |F|Em|F|G|

chorus:|F|G|C|Bb| |F|G|C|Bb|

As sabotagethefool commented the "B" is the run down shape from C to Am
and should then look like this:



We'll call it "B" for now, got any idea what it's called or if you think this is really 
please comment!

C   B   Am  G*  F  Em  F  G*1

C    B              Am
She woke from a dream
G*                F
Her head was on fire
Em               F    G*1
Why was he so nervous
C        B            Am
He took her to the park
G*                 F
She crossed her arms and
Em          F        G*
lowered her eye lids

F            G            C      Bb
Someday somebody's gonna ask you
F            G                  C
A question that you should say yes to
Bb            F
once in your life
Am       F
Maybe tonight
I've got a question for you


|C|B|Am|G| |F|Em|F|G|

She'd had no idea
started to cry
she said in a good way
he took her by the hand
walked her back home
they took the long way

chorus:|F|G|C|Bb| |F|G|C|Bb|

someday somebody's gonna ask you
a question that you should say yes to
once in your life
maybe tonight
I've got a question for you

outro: |C|B|Am|G| |F|G| x2

ok so the transitions are probably bass but they are marked with:G*

they look like this:




Добавлено: 26.06.2012
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