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Reveille - Splitt (Comin' Out Swingin') - текст песни, видео

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Reveille - Splitt (Comin' Out Swingin') - текст песни, видео

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[featuring b real]

yo, we about to twist this shit up right here

(as we cross over into a new millennium)

it might be to strong for some

so I suggest you motherfuckers

buckle the fuck up

(see what I'm saying?) - where you gonna hide?

rags to rags, how does stone turn to static?

its tragic, drop em' like a bad force of habit

not dramatic traumatic - got me turning in my sleep

pencil pushin' putos, motherfuck critiques

no defeat, compete, never sleep n' never will

and just like "the real," I've entered my time to kill

climbing in the ring, I'm gonna wear away my doubt

cause if I dug my own grave then I can dig myself out

come on, come on

check it - check it - check it

takers, fakers, barrel bottom scrapers

separating family from those phony money makers

papers, stuffed rolled and laced with a lesson

vapors graced so aftertaste is faced with a confession

end of session blessin' first impressions stessin' thinking twice

and blaming my aggressions on some other world's advice

so slice, split, splice and pay the price that it brings

but I can stand on my own, I don't need your strings

I'm not fuckin' splitt

I'm comin' out swingin', so heads be spinning

bring on the soup to keep the ear drums ringing

I'm comin' out swingin', with ties unstringing

splitting up the frame for a whole new beginning

I'm comin' out swingin'

I've told too many lies, built too many walls

broken too many hearts, shed too many tears

burned too many bridges, taken too many falls

buried too many friends, I've buried too many fears

shits pumpin', body's are jumpin'

waiting for something or somebody

up in the party to get the head bumpin'

split it up, hit it up-but get it up

while I set it up, causing confusion, we wet it up

from the drum tracks, guitars strum and high strung

and fine tuned- the time is soon so let it hum

from the power lung, the hour come to make it happen

over the bother some bitches who wanna jack it up

track it up, pick it up, you better stick it up

dope shit all over the table, you gotta lick it up


I'm comin' out swingin'

I'm comin' out swingin'

I'm comin' out- I'm comin' out.

motherfucker... ha,ha,ha


family feuds and family ties

now you can sew'em shut but I see through your eyes

through the surface and through the lies

and through your ability to hypnotize

now my road has spit and I can see no ends

I've got angels wings mixed with plastic friends

I got two paths to choose and I can't decide

too little, too late, two worlds divide

and our worlds divide

so better choose your side

split - and our worlds divide
Добавлено: 17.03.2012
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