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Reilly David - 1 Ft In The Grave - таба, видео

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Reilly David - 1 Ft In The Grave - таба, видео

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"1 Ft. in the grave" from the david reilly solo EP "Inside"
tabbed by jeremy plaster

There really isn't much guitar in this song, mostly synth and programmed
drums except for the little guitar line played in later verses and then
the chorus guitar parts

this little part is played during the second verse here and there

E |-0-----3-----2-----0-------
B |-0-----3-----3-----2-------
G |-3-----4-----2-----2-------
D |-2-----5-----0-----2-------
A |-2-----5-----0-----0-------
E |-0-----3-------------------
these are the chords for the chorus, they are strummed, I was too lazy to
write them to the rhythm, just listen to the song for the strumming and
changes. that's it, pretty simple little song

Добавлено: 19.11.2013
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