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Redgum - The Last Frontier - аккорды и текст, видео

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Redgum - The Last Frontier - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Last Frontier
The Last Frontier

This is from Redgum's "Caught in the act" live album. It's about a road 
trip up the Stuart Highway to Alice Springs so the placenames are from 
around there.

(Chord progression 1)
D                                 D7M  
It's a corrugated highway leading north from Port Augusta line
     Bm               G      (Bm)   A
With ratted cars that didn't rate a tow
D                                 Bm
Salt plains out of Pimba and your eyes begin to stream
     G                  C            A
Onto Kingoonya, huddled dusty by the road

(Progression 1)
Romantic notions shattered like the tyres that didn't hack it
This has got to be the countries last frontier
Where a sports cars next to useless, running cattle grids and river beds
We drove a van from 1963

(Chord progression 2)
G                 A          D                 G
Someone mentioned walkabout, kiss your job goodbye
        D                                   D
Just to see the country shimmer through the windscreen
G                     A             D                   G
Drinking beer telling stories while laughter filled the night
D                            A            G  A  D  A
Flexitimes behind you like a bad dream

(Progression 1)
Got a flat on ANZAC highway and Lawson on your shelf
It's a southern comfort air-conditioned rage
Where a homesteads more than just a cheap print dangling from a wall
And mateships more than lines upon a page

(Progression 2)
We went looking for Australia inbetween the TV lines
'Cause the ABC just couldn't make it real
Colour documentary from a beanbag on the floor
Never shows as much as it conceals

(Progression 1)
Stark and blistered Alice Springs and a river runs with shame
And you wipe the sheets of bulldust from your eyes
Another countries uniform, mirage it falls apart
To the open gap between the truth and lies

(Progression 2)
Go and see your country mate, travel agents scream
Politicians sell its heart just for a pasttime
Signs and highwire fences of a land where I belong
It's as if I'm in the outback for the last time

        G         A   D
For the last time     (uh-huh)   (x4)

Добавлено: 09.07.2013
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