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Red - Never Be Te Same - аккорды и текст, видео

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Red - Never Be Te Same - аккорды и текст, видео

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Never Be Te Same
F#          Bbm
I know you, who are you now? 
C#            Ab                F#      Bbm 
look into my eyes if you can't remember 
          C#    Ab
do you remember? oh! 

F#         Bbm
I can say, i can still find 
C#               Ab                 F#        Bbm
you are the only voice my heart can recognize 
          C#          Ab
but I can hear you now, yeah! 

F#                   Bbm
   I'll never be the same 
I'm caught inside the memories 
the promises, our yesterdays 
when I belonged to you 
I just can't walk away 
            C#             Ab
cause after loving you 
I can never be the same 

F#  Bbm  

    C#         Ab             F#        Bbm
and how can I pretend I never knew you  
            C#         Ab
like it was all a dream, no! 

F#            Bbm
  I know I'll never forget 
    C#           Ab             F#        Bbm
the way i always felt with you beside me 
            C#           Ab      
and how you loved me then, yeah! 


(this part i couldn't figure out)

you left me here 

then I watched you disappear 

you left this emptiness inside 

and I cant turn back time 

no, stay! 

nothing compares to you 

nothing compares to you 

I cant let you go 

can't let you go 

I can't let go! 

F#   Bbm          C#    Ab
I'll never be the same 
          F#       Bbm          C#     Ab
not after loving you, not after loving you 



now the same chords until the end
(F#, Bbm, C#, Ab)

F#                    Bbm
   I can never be the same 
                     C#        Ab
I will never be the saaame 

F#         Bbm
oh, oh, oh 
C#      Ab
oh, oh 

                   F#    Bbm   C#
I just can't walk away 
Ab              F#    Bbm
no I cant walk away.. 
from you
Добавлено: 10.07.2012
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