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Red House Painters - Song For A Blue Guitar - текст песни, таба, видео

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Red House Painters - Song For A Blue Guitar - текст песни, таба, видео

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Red House Painters
Song for a Blue Guitar, from Songs for a Blue Guitar ;)
Written by Mark Kozelek
Tabbed by Adzm Double-you (
- 5/26/04 First submission

Disclaimer:  This tab is all my own work.  There are, also, no other
tabs for this song anywhere (that I could find).

Tuning: Standard, but a half-step down.  Actually, about 20 cents lower
than a half step.  Just tune to the record.

There is much else in here rather than a blue guitar, so I've only tabbed
the guitar.  Sorry, but there is nothing else on the Web regarding this
song, so maybe this will get some people past the initial confusion.
I hope it helps!

First, this song is mostly in E major, so keep the following in mind to
help with learning this song 

I  - E            hit the F# and G# while strumming in the intro
ii - F#m
iii- G#m
IV - A
V  - B            (024440 or 224442 or 024400 [B5])
vi - C#m
vii- D#dim

The song is recorded with strumming almost entirely on the bottom four
strings, occasionally the fifth.  However when playing solo it is easy
to add the bass notes, they usually just follow along in the scale with
a chord.  You'll get it with a little bit of listening.

The song itself mostly goes E (022100), B (024400 [B5] or 024440), then
F#m7 (242222).  After repeating this for a bit, it goes from an
E5 (xx2400) and up two frets (xx4600, technically a F#m7sus4 if you
care, ha).  Then back to the E

E           B                     F#m7
       when everything  we felt failed...

While on the F#m7, do this catchy catchy catchy pentatonic hammer on
thing right before going to the next chord:

-2----------------------   the strumming is slow and simple :)
-2---------------2h4----   follow this with the E Cadence!

Eventually, the progression goes to an Asus2:

           F#m7             Asus2 (x02200)      E
... nothing more.... than   my ..    own ..     soul

sometimes go from F# to G# to lead the bass to the A you will hit next.
E--2--4--|---- etc


When playing acoustic, and possibly even in the song, it works out great
to use any barre-chord formation of the above chords.  Try the B at 7th
fret going down to the F#m on 2.

End of song -

strum out - xx2400, xx1102, x42222 (or x42232?)
          - E5,     Emaj7,  F#m7

E5(xx2400)  F#m (x04600), E (022100) (melody on frets 2 and 4 (F#, G#))
what's      left          to see


It is best to just play along with the song and you'll get all the little
variations and make your own.  Good luck.

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