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Rebellion - Power Of Evil - текст песни, видео

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Rebellion - Power Of Evil - текст песни, видео

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Shadows hide the battlefield as daylight fades away
 The ghosts of fallen angels are picking up the prey
 The spirit of the heroes that once fought for the light
 Is crushed down on the blood soaked earth now where is all their pride 

You - you are the last man standing tall
 Fighting for the sacred grale but knowing you will fall
 Now - that there is nowhere you can hide
 Standing strong until the end your fate it will decide 

Stand alone
 You fight alone
 You die alone
 You will die 

 The power of evil
 Power of evil
 Ancient and old 

 The gods of destruction
 Gods of all evil
 Blood turns to stone 

You're waiting on a barren hill to watch the enemy
 Closing up upon the last man standing free
 Armies of the darkness so numerous and cruel
 You know your time is over and the devils take the rule 

You - the anger rising in your mind
 Agony's forgotten as you march against their lines
 No - you will never bow your head
 Sacrifice your life you know that eve will see you dead 

 There was a mighty clash as his sword spoke in thunder
 Dividing the waves of his enemies,
 Their bodies falling in thousands from his strokes.
 With every cut his anger grows as he stands on piles of the slain
 Hell itself seems to rise spewing out countless creatures that seem to mock life itself so
 But the last man is still standing strong on the edge time clad
 In his in his fierce anger and the battle seems to rage on forevermore 
Добавлено: 10.09.2013
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