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Rebellion - One For All - текст песни, видео

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Rebellion - One For All - текст песни, видео

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Built of metal
 Of gleaming steel
 Mighty and invincible
 And fear I never feel 

Screaming warcries
 Like an iron bird of prey
 Hungry for the power
 Choosing our way 

I was brought up by the wolves no way I'm turning back
 There's a world against us ready for attack
 I've been a fighter all my life no way I'm giving in
 Call me a devil's child then I'll live in sin 

And still we march and never fall
 We're standing proud we're standing fall
 We're holding on
 One for all 

And there are few I can recall
 Who rise above the crowd so tall
 We're holding on
 One for all 

Angry and wild
 Hearts burning deep within
 Never turn the back on you
 You'll stab the knife right in 

Raging through the town
 Forever free
 Born to be a rebel
 Born to be your enemy 

The harder that you come the harder I shall be
 I'll never trust in you I am your enemy
 There's no way to stop me I'm just like a stallion
 This is what I live this is my own rebellion 

And the world is never with us
 So we must hold on alone
 But heroes never falter
 And the lonely one is strong 

And we got our friends to count on
 Through the hard times and the rain
 So we'll never play your rules
 It is our life it is our game 
Добавлено: 21.02.2014
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