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Ray Conniff - Frosty The Snowman - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ray Conniff - Frosty The Snowman - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы: Steve Nelson, Walter E. Rollins

Frosty The Snowman
Ray Conniff
FROSTY THE SNOWMAN - the Ray Conniff Singers (

Capo on 1st 

Intro:  A - F#7 - B7 - Fm6   4x      thema 1 

      Frosty the Snow man
       D/A              A/E                          
Was a      jolly happy       soul
        D           Am6/Eb                            
With a    corn cob          pipe 
       A/C#          F#                              
and a        button      nose
     Bm                 E7         Ai        E7i             
And      two eyes made     out of      coal 

     Frosty the Snow man
      D/A        E7i           A/E                      
Is a      fairy      tail they      say
        D         Am6/Eb                             
He was    made of         snow 
         A/C#           F#                           
But the       children     know
        Bm          E7            A        A/F# - A/E - A             
How he     came to      life one     day 

       D/A                       C#m                 
There       must have been some       magic
         Bm             E7           A/E                
In that      old silk      hat they       found
     E                             G#m6/F             
For    when they placed it on his          head
          F#        (-)           E         thema 2           
He be -     gan to     dance a -    round 

      Oh, Frosty the Snow man
          D/A           E7i           A/E                 
Was a -       live as       he could       be
         D            Am6/Eb                          
And the     children         say
          A/C#            F#                         
He could       laugh and       play
         Bm           E7          Ai       A/E - A /             
Just the     same as     you and      me 

A - F#7 - B7 - Fm6    2x  
F# - F#/Eb - G#7 - C#7 - thema 3 /

    Frosty the Snow man
         B/F#                    F#                 
Knew the        sun was hot that      day
       B            Am6/Eb                           
So he    said let's          run
           F#           F#/Eb                        
And we'll     have some        fun
          C#7/Ab                  F#                  
Now be -          fore I melt a -     way

    Down to the village ,
        B/F#                    F#                   
With a       broomstick in his      hand 
         B          Am6/Ebi                           
Running    here and          there 
         F#             F#/Eb                         
All a -      round the         square
       C#7/Ab                   F#       F# - G#m11 - F#/Bb               
Saying         catch me if you      can 

    B/F#                     Bbm/F                      
He        led them down the         streets of town
      G#m           C#7           F#                     
Right       to the       traffic     cop 
And he        only paused a moment when
   G#                    C#7/Ab                       
He      heard him holler          stop/

D /      G                     G7                    
     For   Frosty the Snow man 
       C/E          Gm6/F#           G                     
Had to       hurry           on his    way
       C/F               F#7ii                        
But he       waved good-         bye
        G            Em                           
Saying    don't you      cry
         D7       Am6/C        Am6/B         Am6                  
I'll be      back          a -         gain       some 
G5        Em       A7      Ebm6                              
    da -      a -     a -         y //
G5        Em        A7       Ebm6                           
    oo -      oo -      oo -        oh //
         D7        Am6/C        Am6/B       Am6       G               
I'll be      back         a -        gain      some     day//

regarding the A/E, D/A, B/F#, C#7/Ab chords:Both bass notes are incorporated into the chord 

Thema 1:

Thema 2:

Thema 3:

A       x02220
F#7     24232x
B7      x2424x
Fm6     1x313x
A/E     00222x
D/A     x00232
D       xx0232
Am6/Eb  xx1212
A/C#    x4222x
F#      244322
Bm      x24432
E7      02013x
Ai      x0222x
E7i     0x213x
C#m     x46654
A/F#    2x222x
E       022100
G#m6/F  1231xx
F#/Eb   x68676
G#7     464544
C#7     x46464
B/F#    224442
Am6/Ebi x3424x
C#7/Ab  446464
G#m11   4444xx
F#/Bb   x1432x
Bbm/F   113321
C#/Ab   44666x
D       xx0xxx
G       355433
C/E     x0555x
Gm6/F#  2x535x
F#7ii   2x435x
Em      0x54x0
Am6/C   x3x212
Am6/B   x2x212
Am6     x0x212
G5      3x0033
Em      0x2000
A7      x02020
Ebm6    x6454x
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